Making Agriculture Digitally Transformed

Digi Agri is focused towards agriculture transformation by More Crop - Per Drop, Per Acre, Per Dollar, Per Farmer.


Deepak Pareek, a serial Technopreneur since 20 years wanted to get into a new venture focused on creating a Social Impact. Through a family friend, he came to identify the sector which happens to be Agriculture. As a Technopreneur, before creating any solution in AgTech domain, he planned his visits in 10 different countries in South Asia and met more than 1000 farmers by staying with them. After which he realized that as a Data Scientist the solution lies within a platform which provides data insights to every stakeholder of Agriculture Ecosystem. So, idea was initiated in mid-2016 and launched in Indonesia & India in 2017. World Economic Forum recognized him as Technology Pioneer 2018. As it was focused towards crop specification only, the focus now shifted towards use of cutting edge digital technologies. Sanket by bringing technology expertise and Nabil by bringing global perspective, joined him as partners to create an evolved version as a global product and they co-founded together Digi Agri commercialized in May 2019.

Why Digi Agri

Why Digi Agri?

From a crop specific solution for smallholder farmers, there was a need of making agriculture itself digitally transformed to achieve More Crop – Per Drop, Per Acre, Per Dollar. The inclusion of cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Urban Farming, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Aquaponics, and Blockchain etc. was very important so that Digi Agri can be recognized as a global product which provides holistic as well as specific solutions for all the ecosystem players of Agriculture by keeping farmers at the center.

What is Digi Agri?

Digi Agri has pioneered path-breaking Sustainable Agriculture Platform to enable farmers to be more profitable by growing more crop using minimum water, Per Drop, lesser land, Per Acre, and reducing cost of cultivation, Per Dollar. Digi Agri is a collaborative platform that strives to combine Digital Transformation Technologies (Big Data, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Computer Vision etc.), Innovative Business Model (Agriculture Platform As A Service), and Focused Human Efforts (Agriculture Insights, Products, and Services Delivery through Agripreneurs) to serve smallholder farmers. Digi Agri helps Agriculture Ecosystem players like Government, NGOs, AgTech Companies, Commodity Buyers, Crop Insurance Companies, Banks and Financial Institutions, Extension Service Providers, Co-Operatives & FPOs, Agri-Input Companies to deliver their services/products through data-driven decisions keeping farmers at the center.

What is Digi Agri

Our Team

Deepak Pareek

Deepak Pareek

Deepak is a World Economic Forum honored Technology Pioneer. He is an Expert Member of Digital Transformation. He is a creative forward-looking executive capable of translating vision into actions & quantifiable results, armed with a formal education in Engineering {Electronics}, Business {Strategy}, Information Technology and always looking for areas of improvement.

Deepak is focused on leveraging technology in Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, Governance,E-Commerce and Platforms/Ecosystems domain. He is a technopreneur with extensive expertise in Business Planning & Development, Technology & Innovation, Investments & Venture Capital, Strategy & Analysis, Start-ups & Mentoring, Growth Hacking & Product Management, Technology Roadmaps & Business Models, and Advisory & Consulting Services. A well-published author on technology and business.

A business manager par excellence very well networked globally in private as well as public sector with a deep understanding of diverse cultural and business practices along with more than 20 years of multidimensional, multifunctional, multi sector experience in regions including Asia, America, Europe and Africa, having spent significant time in these geographies.

Sanket Thakkar

In 2012, Sanket capitalized on his Information Technology expertise by launching his own IT Company IConflux Technologies. Turning it into a leading IT company in India. Provides revolutionary IT solutions to Start-ups, Small & Medium Scale Enterprise and Corporate.

As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, Sanket is comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the development floor. He is a savvy negotiator known for strong business development and technology skills. Sanket's innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace.

Sanket Thakkar

Nabil Azar

Nabil is a serial entrepreneur, a prominent speaker and a trusted consultant in the domain of AI, Automation, Digital Transformation, and Service Excellence. Known for being Mr.DATA, Nabil experience span over 17 years in regional, international business across EMEAA, America mainly, cross-sales, strategy, process management, risk management and helping the organisation understand and delivering insights from Data. Nabil passion for Innovation, Technology, and Food have pushed him to found/co-founded, invest and sit on the advisory board of startups and companies in the Private, Hospitality, Healthcare, Renewable Energy, AgriTech industries. Nabil is people-person and love to share and learn as well as aim at making a difference in the world.

Ronak Koradiya

Ronak is a dynamic and resourceful professional with in-depth experience of more than 7 years in leading technology functions to design, deliver and implement high-performance solutions using Analytics, Cloud, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, IoT, Bots & Assistant, Enterprise Mobility & Automation. Displayed strong expertise in the domains including but not limited to Agriculture, Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Education, Hospitality, and Enterprise Solutions.

Involved in activities including strategic planning, building and extending large software systems and infrastructure, team management, technical architecture, product management, program management and project management for high availability, high volume transaction systems, web and mobile applications.

Ronak Koradiya
Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah

Niraj Shah is a skilled professional with 9 years of technical experience & have managed various projects for AgriTech platform in different countries like India & Indonesia with the successful execution by heading diverse teams. He is an enterprising professional with industry knowledge and team management understanding. He has received recognition as a Robotics Engineer for serving robotic concepts. With extensive experience in Robotic and Laser Marking technologies, he has handled different regions of India as a Senior Application Engineer.

Niraj has worked on various AgTech projects which have identified his keen interest in Agriculture to be able to make a social impact in the society. He strongly believes that technology can surely create Sustainable & Economic development. He is extremely passionate about using technology solutions with an extraordinary commitment to achieving the desired outcome for key challenges faced in the globalized world.

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